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Dilapidations Grade Flat Roof Waterproofing

New and specially formulated "Dilapidations Grade" flat roof waterproofing system

Liquasil DG - a new and specially formulated "Dilapidations Grade" flat roof waterproofing system designed to meet the needs of landlord's and tenant's dilapidations surveyors.

This system uses unique, hybrid polyurethane technology that easily out-performs most other polyurethane flat roof waterproofing systems.

Liquasil DG is the unique “Dilapidations Grade” flat roof waterproofing system, designed specifically to meet the requirements of dilapidations surveyors working on behalf of landlords or tenants.

To bridge the gap between the quality expectation of a landlord’s surveyor and the budget requirements of the tenant’s surveyor, we created this UK made, high performance, polyurethane Dilapidations Grade flat roof waterproofing system.

Liquasil DG is both durable and affordable.

Please note that "Dilapidations Grade" does not negate the need for professional dilapidations advice – repair obligations will vary from lease to lease.

Our Chartered Building Surveying practice can assist with all dilapidations claims if required.

Installed directly to substrates such as timber, insulation boards, concrete, felt and asphalt, Liquasil DG uses new hybrid polyurethane technology to provide a robust and long-lasting waterproofing system for flat roofs.

No compromise has been made on quality to present this unique offering for the discerning dilapidations surveyor.

Liquasil DG qualifies for an optional Insurance Backed or Latent Defects Guarantee, in addition to our product warranty when installed by a Liquasil Approved Installer.

Product warranties of 15, 20 or 25 years are available, depending on the thickness of the top coat applied.

Flat roof waterproofing systems vary in quality across manufacturers.

Some “merchant grade” polyurethane systems are available off the shelf for installation by anybody, but these tend to contain high levels of solvents and because there is no trained installer network, there’s no real guarantee.

Liquasil products are available exclusively via our own trained network of installers and all guaranteed installations are inspected by our own qualified building surveyors or by our insurer’s independent inspectors, if the optional Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee is specified.

Advantages of Liquasil Dilapidations Grade

  • Cheaper than most flat roof waterproofing systems
  • Ease of application
  • Cost effective without compromise
  • Flexible guarantee options available
  • Life expectancy at least 20 years (can be more depending on top coat thickness)
  • Strong & flexible
  • Made in England
  • Designed for dilapidations surveyors by dilapidations surveyors

Liquasil DG is cold-applied and is easier to install than felt or asphalt and, as there are no hot works, it’s safer to use in most circumstances.

By integrating a high quality glass fibre mat into the initial embedment coat, the polyurethane coating is significantly strengthened.

It adheres to most substrates without the need for additional primers and curing can be accelerated (optionally) to enable single-day installation if required.

The top coat provides the UV resistance and will accept limited foot traffic without the need for additional reinforcement or aggregate.

However, if a designated walkway is required, aggregate can be broadcast into the top coat, or mats can be placed on top without detriment to the system.

Dilapidations Grade flat roof waterproofing system is unique to Liquasil.

No other roof coatings manufacturer understands the needs of a dilapidations surveyor like Liquasil!

If you are a dilapidations surveyor and want to discover what makes our new Dilapidations Grade flat roof waterproofing system unique, please call us on 0121 709 5352.

Installation Demonstrations For Specifiers

As building surveyors ourselves, we thoroughly enjoy demonstrating our products to other professional specifiers and now provide a facility at our premises in Solihull where you can attend to see exactly how our flat roof waterproofing systems are installed.

You can even get hands-on with the product, using our dedicated training rig, so that you fully understand how the system works to provide a seamless, long-lasting roof covering for your clients.

There is no charge for these demonstrations and it only takes an hour or so of your time and you can take away prepared samples afterwards.

If this is of interest, please call us on 0121 709 5352 and we'll be happy to make the necessary arrangements.