How To Repair A Damaged Liquasil Gutter Liner

This is a demonstration on how to repair a damaged Liquasil gutter liner.

First of all, we had to damage it – that proved harder than you might think – three attempts and even then, we couldn’t damage the SWT (Surface & Wet Tolerant) primer beneath.

To repair mechanical damage to our liquid gutter liner, you simply overcoat it with Liquasil One.

Yes, it’s that easy!

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BBA Draft Certification For Flexlap And Metalseal

After more than a year of thorough testing by the British Board of Agrément, we have now received draft certification, which is the final step towards being awarded a BBA Agrément Certificate.

Once final certification is awarded, Metalseal will be the only metal roof coating on the market with a BBA certification.

Flexlap will be the only cut edge corrosion system with BBA Certification.

The testing procedure is very thorough and includes:

  • infrared analysis
  • solids content
  • water vapour permeability
  • dynamic indentation
  • static loading
  • delamination strength
  • sulfur dioxide exposure
  • salt fog exposure
  • heat ageing
  • UV ageing
  • Fire testing to BS 476 part 3 test:- EXT.S.AB;

BBA Certification is the only independent UK construction materials testing organisation and certification is the highest accolade afforded to products in the UK.

Flexlap and Metalseal now join Asbestoseal, which is the only BBA approved asbestos roof coating on the market.

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Is Liquasil SWT Primer Indestructible?

This is Liquasil’s SWT Primer being tested after more than a week under water, so demonstrate how strong the coating is.

SWT stands for “Surface and Wet Tolerant” because this primer can be applied to wet and rusty surfaces and it will still work. In fact, Liquasil’s SWT Primer will even cure under water.

This sample is only 100 microns thick – but it still cannot be damaged with a wire brush or steel scraper.

SWT Primer is a component of our Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment and our Liquid Gutter Liner.

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Liquasil’s New Surface & Wet Tolerant Primer

This is the new Liquasil SWT primer.

It can be applied to rust, even wet rust and will actually cure under water.

When applied, it stops rust in its tracks and forms the perfect surface for which to apply Liquasil’s unique silicone polymers.

It is used in gutters, as part of our cut edge corrosion system and now on asbestos cement roof and gutter fixings.

Nothing else performs as strongly as this on industrial roof coating systems.

Trade enquiries welcome.

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