Adherence Pull Testing Procedure

Adherence testing is vitally important at the start of any coating project, but more so with silicone technology, because there are many factors that can adversely affect the coating adhering to a substrate.

How to conduct Adherence Pull Testing

In this short video, we are demonstrating an adherence pull test, where we lay a small piece of polyester into the wet coating and allow it to fully cure before we pull the fleece out.

As the fleece is pulled (you always leave some over-hang), the silicone should resist and as more force is applied, the silicone should split, leaving a fully adhered layer of silicone on the substrate.

If the silicone peels straight off with little resistance, we know we have a problem, which can be solved right  at the start of the project, rather than having it discovered after completion!

Common causes of adhesion failure that can be prevented by conducting adherence pull testing, include moisture presence, general soiling, bird droppings and the presence of oil or grease.