Dilapidations Grade Roof Coatings

Only Liquasil manufactures Dilapidations Grade roof coatings, but what is “Dilapidations Grade”?

Well firstly, it’s a terms coined by our own dilapidations surveyors – experts who work on dilapidations issues every day, via our own Chartered Building Surveying practice which operates out of the same premises as Liquasil and shares some of it’s personnel.

Our systems have all been designed by dilapidations surveyors to satisfy the requirements of our peers in terms of quality and price.

Whilst ensuring a robust and quality assured product range, we understand the need for prices to be agreeable to both landlords’ and tenants’ building surveyors.

This is achieved by working only with the highest quality, British made products with full traceability throughout our supply chain.

Additionally, we  can provide an optional and market leading, single-point, full insurance, latent defects guarantee when our products are installed via one of our individually trained, approved installers.

No other roof coatings manufacturer can claim to provide Dilapidations Grade roof coatings when no other roof coating manufacturer understand dilapidations issues like Liquasil does.

Call us on 0121 709 5352 and let’s discuss your dilapidations issues.