What Are The Benefits Of Roof Coating?

When considering the benefits of roof coating, most people will point to cost as being the major deciding factor.

Coating a roof is more often than not, cheaper than the alternatives of replacement or over-cladding.

In an occupied industrial building, it is not easy to remove a roof and keep a business operational while the old roof is removed, especially in Britain.

Re-roofing projects rarely go smoothly and the weather is often a big factor in causing problems.

Most roofing contractors will only remove as much of a roof as they can replace in a day. However, sudden and unexpected downpours do happen and this can be extremely problematic.

Water ingress is common and can cause immense problems to a working environment, especially those with sensitive machinery and equipment.

Storage for industrial roofing is also a huge consideration, especially on space-limited sites, where storing roof sheets can take up all available external space, including car parks.

Theft of materials (especially metal roofing panels) is commonplace because often, industrial premises are not occupied at night.

Replacing a roof on an industrial property usually requires more labour than coating a roof.

The more people you have on a roof that is being stripped and replaced, the more risk you have of a fall occurring.

Good quality roof coatings can be a sound financial investment.

Liquasil’s BBA Approved roof coatings are class leading on metal roofs and asbestos cement roofs.

Available in solvent-free versions, Liquasil roof coatings are safer to use in delicate environments than other known brands.

We are also redesigning flat roof waterproofing to reduce installation speeds and of course, a coating removes all hot works.

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