20,000 Sq Metre Asbestos Roof Coating Project

As part of a general property refurbishment

One of the largest asbestos roof coating projects completed in the UK during 2020

This former distribution centre was completely refurbished and Liquasil's BBA Approved asbestos roof coating system, Asbestoseal, was specified along with a 10 year Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee to run alongside the 20 year product warranty.

The asbestos roof had suffered from a general lack of maintenance over many years and was heavily contaminated with moss, lichen and seagull droppings. Numerous cracks to the roof sheets were noted and several sheets had to be replaced as part of the Asbestoseal installation.

The compression fixings were badly degraded and the specification therefore called for these to be replaced where necessary.

The roof was cleaned using a closed box pressure wash before being treated with the Asbestoseal protective coating system.

Date of completion: September 2020

Liquasil Approved Installer: C&W Industrial Roofing Ltd

Product Warranty Period: 20 Years

Additional Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee: 10 Years