Asbestos Roof Coating, Preston

BBA Approved Asbestoseal, From Liquasil Ltd

This is an asbestos roof coating project carried out in 2015.

A wholesale repair of this asbestos roof in Preston, was carried out using Liquasil’s Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating system.

The roof was cleaned using the DOFF steam cleaning method, which delivers 150 degree super heated steam to the roof surface, killing all moss and lichen upon contact.

All metal fixings were treated with the Liquasil corrosion primer and sealed with Non-Sag Sealer to form a permanent seal and prevent water ingress from elongated fixing holes and rotted seals.

The asbestos cement roof sheets were then coated with Asbestoseal 20 to provide a permanent, long-term fix that is also resistant to moss and lichen growth.

Asbestoseal is BBA Approved so you can specify it with confidence.

Installation Date: August 2015

Liquasil Approved installer: DJA Contracts Ltd

Guarantee Period: 20 Years