Access was provided by perimeter scaffold and a specially made fragile roof access system was employed.

This negated the need for internal netting reducing the inconvenience for the tenants. A MEWP was present at all times to aid access and forming part of an emergency rescue plan.

The first stage was to replace the old GRP roof lights with new. There were also a dozen holes in the roof that had been over-clad in the past with translucent roof sheets that were now degrading. These were over-clad with new grey DR roof sheets. Two redundant roof vents were also removed and the affected sheets over-clad.

The roof was then cleaned with the DOFF steam cleaning system, with the water run-off being filtered to remove any asbestos contamination before the water was allowed back into the drains.

Forest Park Roofing undertake air monitoring and water sampling to ensure their processes are within permitted control levels.

Following cleaning, cracks and holes were be repaired using Non Sag Sealer; larger holes can be repaired with a piece of fleece. The metal roof fixings were coated with Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment and then Non Sag Sealer to give extra protection to these vulnerable areas. All of the horizontal and vertical laps were also coated with Non Sag Sealer. Finally the roof was coated with the BBA Approved asbestos roof coating, Asbestoseal 20.

Access in to the gutters was very restricted and so it was considered more effective both from a cost and practical point to replace with new rather than refurbish the existing by lining.