According to various online references, it seems that seagulls might not like a certain shade of red, so it was decided to use this colour around the parapet in an attempt to discourage nesting gulls from the roof.

At the commencement of the project, the roof and those surrounding it, has approximately 200 seagulls nesting on it.

As steam cleaning progressed, the seagulls showed no sign of moving and in fact, were often spotted on the safety walkway hand rails, moving closer to the steam in colder weather!

All of the GRP roof lights were changed initially and then the roof was steam cleaned using the specialist DOFF steam machine, along with the asbestos cement parapet sheets.

Once the parapet was coated in the red Asbestoseal, the seagulls left the roof and instead nested on a roof opposite.

This allowed the roof sheets to be cleaned without fear of further soiling to the roof sheets, which were then coated in grey, with old vents being finished in the red.

Additionally, the metal gutters were cleaned and coated using Liquasil’s Gutterseal system.

The project lasted for 16 weeks and resulted in a leak-free asbestos cement roof and leak-free metal gutters, both of which were previously problematic.

The project is covered by the unique, Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee.