Cut Edge Corrosion, Lincolnshire

A 2000 linear metres cut edge corrosion treatment project in Lincolnshire.

This is an installation of Liquasil's BBA Approved cut edge corrosion treatment, Flexlap comprising SWT Corrosion primer, a proven marine grade epoxy and Flexlap, our purpose designed, hardened silicone top coat.

Project Details

The extent of the cut edge corrosion is usually limited to the top sheets, with the bottom sheets being unaffected and that is the case with this project.

There is some rust staining evident to the bottom sheets, but this is purely cosmetic since the Plastisol on these panels remains in good condition.

Liquasil’s Flexlap cut edge corrosion system is installed in three phases.

The first is to clean off all loose and flaking rust to the panels and then mask top and bottom to achieve a straight edge on the top and to prevent the gaps to the overlapping roof sheets being sealed.

The Liquasil Corrosion Primer is them applied to the affected areas, up to the straight edge masking line. A mixture of paper and vinyl masking tapes have been used on this particular installation. Masking is entirely optional, but can result in a neater looking finish.

The SWT corrosion primer bonds to the rust and prevents further rust from developing. SWT stands for "Surface and Rust Tolerant" - meaning that it can be applied directly to red-rust, even if the surface is soaking wet.

Once cured in approximately 24 hours, the Flexlap silicone top coat is applied directly to the primer, providing long term protection against further damage. The surface of the SWT Primer must be bone-dry before application of the silicone top coat.

This Flexlap system is covered by Liquasil’s 15 year product warranty as well as a Latent Defects, Insurance Guarantee, providing the client with complete reassurance.

Insurance guarantees are available for most larger installations at extra cost. Please call 0121 709 5352 for details.

Installation Date: May 2017

Liquasil Approved Installer: MGAR Roofing Ltd (No longer trading)

Guarantee: 15 years product warranty plus 10 years latent defects, full insurance guarantee