Liquasil cut edge corrosion treatment in NorthamptonThis is a cut edge corrosion treatment project in Northampton, completed by Alderman Roofing Ltd.

The cut edges of the metal profiled roof were rusted and the existing Plastisol finish was peeling back at the end laps and mid-laps of the roof.

A close inspection of the roof sheets revealed that the cut edge corrosion was limited to the upper most sheets, which meant that where the roof sheets overlapped, there was no need to treat the bottom sheet.

The Liquasil cut edge corrosion system does not usually involve sealing the gaps in overlapping roof sheets, which allows water to enter and escape freely, without causing damage.

This is how the original roof was designed.

Considerable cost savings were achieved by not sealing gaps and by treating only the top sheets.

The first stage of the project was to use grinders to flatten and feather-in the peeling Plastisol finish.

A single coat of Liquasil SWT Primer was applied to the corroded surfaces using a 75mm roller.

SWT stands for Surface & Wet Tolerant, meaning it can be applied directly to red rust, even on a wet surface. It has been proven over 15 years in harsh marine environments with no reported failures.

Once the SWT primer was cured, a single coat of Liquasil’s Flexlap silicone finish was applied in Goosewing Grey to completely seal the cut edges and provide long-lasting protection against further rusting.

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