This asbestos cement roof is at the end of its life and was badly delaminating across the entire structure.

It was explained to the client that the roof was in need of replacement, but financial constraints meant that only a coating system would be cost effective in the short term.

M&R Coatings were appointed to complete the works and first cleaned the roof using a closed box pressure wash system and steam to remove the extensive moss and algae growth on the roof.

Once cleaned, the roof bolts were treated with the Liquasil Corrosion Primer to prevent rust breaking through the coated finish.

A coat of Asbestoseal stabilising solution was then applied across the roof to enable a more uniform finish.

The roof condition was such that several large areas had to be over-sheeted with GRP replacements (DR sheets) and others had to be extensively coated with Liquasil Non-Sag Sealer before being over-coated with Asbestoseal 20.

Under normal circumstances, this roof would not have been coated, but no other cost effective method was available.

M&R Coatings worked extremely hard to produce a suitable finish on an otherwise failed roof and the project was completed without issue and the end result was a water-tight installation.