Flat Roof Waterproofing Derby

Liquasil Ultra PU Installation Gallery

This is an installation of Liquasil Ultra PU, our highest grade, BBA Approved, reinforced flat roof waterproofing system.

The tenant of these premises reported several leaks to the flat roof and required a robust waterproofing solution that would last at least 15 years.

Liquasil's Ultra PU flat roof waterproofing system was chosen because of its high volume solids content and the low odour.

The system provides a seamless finish to the roof and all upstands, comprising an initial embedment coat into which a 225gsm chopped strand mat is placed to provide exceptional reinforcement, whilst maintaining the in-built flexibility designed to cope with the extremes of British weather.

The standard dark grey finish is UV stable and better copes with soiling that inevitably occurs on flat roofs than lighter colours.

This installation is classed as 15 years to first maintenance.

Liquasil Ultra PU is also available as 20 and 25 year systems, but can be overcoated at any time to extend the life expectancy even further.

Date of installation: July 2020

Liquasil Approved installer: Bosworth Cladding Ltd

Guarantee Period: 15 years