Liquasil Ultra Flat Roof Waterproofing Liverpool

Installer: NSS Ltd

This is a flat roof waterproofing project undertaken by NSS Group Ltd, using Liquasil Ultra PU.

The existing roof covering comprised a concrete deck with asphalt and mineral felted covering, with stone chippings added for additional UV protection.

All of the loose laid stone chippings were removed, along with fungal growth and other debris, before a fungicidal wash was applied to prevent any fungal regrowth.

A small number of patch repairs were undertaken prior to the application of the initial embedment coat and GRP reinforcement mat.

Upstands and detailing work around protruding pipes and vents were first coated and reinforced and the following day, these details were examined for surface imperfections, prior to the main areas of the roof being treated in the same way.

Once the embedment coat was fully cured, the Ultra PU top coat was applied at a wet film weight of approximately 750 microns, to provide a 15 year to first maintenance system, for which a 15 year warranty was issued.