Flat Roof Waterproofing, Uckfield

Using Liquasil Ultra PU

Liquasil Ultra PU was specified to be overlaid onto an existing timber deck overlaid with mineral felt.

Although the flat roof was not leaking, the client wanted to take precautionary action to ensure that the roof remains watertight for the duration of their tenancy.

The first stage of the process was to clean the roof using jet wash equipment, followed by a fungicidal wash.

Once dried, the initial embedment coat was applied to the roof and the 225gsm chopped strand mat was laid into it until fully embedded and allowed to cure fully.

Once cured, the UV stable top wearing coat was applied at a wet film thickness of 750 microns to provide a 15 year to first maintenance waterproofing, fully bonded membrane.

The project was inspected at each stage by Liquasil and, because the project was also covered with an independent, 12 year latent defects, insurance guarantee, it was also inspected at each stage by the insurer's independent auditors.

This project was installed by Liquasil Approved Installers, C&W Industrial Roofing Ltd of Colchester.