Pride Roofing & Construction Ltd were asked to carry out repairs to the gutter and a decision was made to reline the gutter using the Liquasil liquid gutter lining system, Gutterseal.

The first stage was to clean out the gutter and remove loose and flaking heavy rusting, leaving a red-rust finish.

There is no requirement to return the surface to bright steel when using the Liquasil liquid gutter system, because the metal primer uses laminar flake technology, allowing it to bond to red rust and create an impervious layer to prevent surface rust from worsening.

The next stage to installing the liquid gutter liner is to seal the joints which is usually where most metal gutters leak.

Liquasil’s Non Sag Sealer, a very thick silicone paste, is applied to the joints and fixings to permanently seal any gaps and small holes that might be present.

Because Non Sag Sealer has 1400% elasticity, it can easily cope with any thermal movement without the need for additional fleeces or reinforcement.

The gutter is finally coated with Liquasil One, a semi-thixotropic, silicone polymer to provide a completely seamless gutter lining that will last for many years with only minimal maintenance.

For further system information about Liquasil’s liquid gutter liner, please call Liquasil on 0121 709 5352.