Liquid Gutter Lining, Rugby

Completed by A Surman & Co Ltd

As part of a complete industrial unit refurbishment, Liquasil's metal roof coating and liquid gutter liner were specified.

The project was completed by A Surman & Co. Ltd in September 2020.

The steel gutters were corroded and full of soil, debris and vegetation, so had to be cleaned thoroughly before being prepared for installation of the Liquasil gutter lining system.

The first stage of the installation involved the application of SWT anti-corrosion primer, a marine grade epoxy that prevents further corrosion protection for at least 15 years on its own.

The next stage was to apply Non-Sag Sealer to all of the joints and fixings to prevent water ingress at these vulnerable points.

A single coat of Liquasil One was then applied as the final stage of the installation, providing a seamless, bonded finish.

A 15 year product warranty was issued upon completion of the project.