Liquasil’s liquid gutter lining system, Gutterseal was chosen because of its high level of flexibility and the fact that the rusted areas could be treated in-situ without the need for disassembly of the original gutter.

The entire gutter was first cleaned and dried, then coated with Liquasil’s rust primer.

The primer can be applied directly to red rust and offers considerable protection against further surface rusting.

It creates a perfect key for the Liquasil solvent-free silicone polymer coating to be applied on top.

All of the joints were coated with Non-Sag Sealer, which instantly and permanently seals them without the need for additional fleeces.

The entire gutter was then coated with Liquasil One to form a highly flexible and seamless gutter lining that will last for many years.

This project was completed by DJA Contracts Ltd of Walsall.

Since completion, no further leaks have been reported and the only maintenance required is occasional cleaning.