Metalseal in Steel Blue (RAL5011)

Metal roof coating project in Aberdeen

This is Metalseal 20, Liquasil's BBA Approved metal roof coating in RAL 5011, Steel Blue. The installation is in a coastal location in Aberdeen and is guaranteed for 20 years.

Project Details

Metalseal is the first metal roof coating to be awarded BBA Certification for use on metal roofs and cladding.

It's unique hardened silicone structure resists graffiti, which simply washes off with water and a little detergent to leave a ghost-free surface. Unlike certain anti-graffiti coatings, Metalseal is not sacrificial and can be washed many times in the event of repeated graffiti attacks when used on vertical cladding.

The system applied in the case includes our separately BBA Certified cut edge corrosion treatment, comprising SWT Corrosion Primer, a proven, marine-grade epoxy that provides at least 15 years protection against further rusting on its own.

IN this case, due to the coastal location of the premises, the full cut edge corrosion treatment, including the Flexlap silicone overlay was installed prior to the application of Metalseal.

Metalseal can be brush, roller or spray applied to provide a UV stable finish that will last many years.

Liquasil can make silicone coating in any RAL colour, subject to minimum order quantities of just 100 litres - enough to coat 300 sq metres of metal roof or cladding.

Installation Date: October 2020

Liquasil Approved Installer: Emerald Contracts Ltd

Warranty: 20 years product warranty