BBA Approved Metalseal installation

Metalseal installation gallery.

This Metalseal installation was completed in October 2018 by Elite Roofing & Cladding Ltd of Derbyshire.

The premises, an industrial unit in Bilston, we being refurbished by the landlord, prior to a new tenancy being agreed.

The cut edge corrosion was first treated with Liquassil’s SWT Corrosion Primer, an epoxy coating developed for the offshore and marine industries.

SWT Primer stands for “Surface & Wet Tolerant” as it can be applied directly to red rust, even in wet conditions, providing long term protection against further corrosion.

The original factory finish to the roof was first cleaned using jet wash equipment before the Metalseal installation commenced.

Once the cut edge corrosion had been treated and the roof was completely dry, the Metalseal installation commenced.

In this case, because of close proximity of parked cars and other buildings, the Metalseal installation was completed using brushes and rollers to avoid over-spray that can occur when using airless spray equipment,