Metalseal Installation, West Midlands

by A Surman & Co Ltd

This is an installation of Metalseal, our BBA Approved metal roof coating system in Goosewing Grey.

The installation was completed Liquasil Approved Installers, A Surman & Co Ltd of Birmingham.

Prior to cleaning the roof, the GRP rooflights were replaced to ensure that no water entered the premises during the jet wash cleaning process. Changing the roof lights is always recommended if the existing lights are more than 12 years old, since they become brittle with age and can be a source of water ingress.

If required, we can provide our GlazeProtect product to add at least 10 years life to aged GRP rooflights where changing them is not possible or not desired. However, in order for this to be viable, the rooflights must be in suitably good condition.

GlazeProtect instantly restores light to degraded GRP roof lights, brightening the area beneath.