This is an Asbestoseal installation by ID Asbestos Ltd., Liquasil Approved installers.

The asbestos roof coating project involved cleaning the roof with a DOFF steam cleaner, using 150°c steam to remove and kill all moss and lichen spores on contact.

The end result is a thoroughly clean asbestos roof that is ideal for coating. The purpose of cleaning is also to determine the extent of any damage to the roof sheets.

Once the roof was cleaned, all fixings were treated with the Liquasil SWT Corrosion Primer, to prevent further rusting, before being coated with Liquasil Non-Sag Sealer which seals them permanently, preventing water ingress.

Several larger cracks were present on the roof and in these cases, a band of polyester fleece was laid into the Non-Sag Sealer to prevent the product falling into the building and to add some strength to the damaged panels.

The final stage was to apply the BBA Approved Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating to the entire roof.