DJA Contracts Ltd were contracted to clean and repair this valley metal gutter on an asbestos cement roof.

The valley gutter was completely blocked with leaves and detritus from the asbestos cement roof sheets prior to the project commencing and several leaks were present in the gutter.

Typical of valley gutters to asbestos roofs, the gap between the asbestos cement roof sheets was so small that the roof sheets had to be unbolted and moved to allow cleaning.

Once cleaned and dried, the metal surface of the gutter was treated with Liquasil’s corrosion primer.

The joints to the gutter were sealed with Liquasil’s Non-Sage Sealer, a very thick liquid silicone with 1400% elasticity to cope with any thermal movement in extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

The entire length of the gutter was then over-coated with Liquasil One to provide a seamless liquid applied liner, which has remained leak-free ever since.