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Accessing a fragile asbestos roof using a Spandeck system

This video shows a safe method of accessing a fragile asbestos cement roof. Notice how the operatives are harnessed to a turfer wire on the platform and that the platform is double-handrailed, to prevent accidentally stepping off it and onto the fragile roof surface. This is in preparation of a cleaning and coating project using liquasil's BBA Approved Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating system.

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Asbestos roof cleaning, HSE approved closed box pressure wash

This is an asbestos cement roof being cleaned with a closed box pressure washer. A closed box pressure washer is similar to a patio cleaning head attached to an industrial sized pressure washer. The pressure is regulated and a spinning jet of water cleans the roof sheets as the cleaning head passes over the sheets.

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How to conduct adherence tests with Metalseal 20 - the BBA Approved metal roof coating system from Liquasil Ltd

When carrying out roof coating works it is important to conduct adherence tests, to ensure that the product (ours or anybody else's) will fully adhere to the substrate. In this training video, we show two adherence test methods that can be employed with silicone coatings. 1) The pull test and 2) The push test. Because nothing will stick to silicone coatings, we coated a sample area with Metalseal 20 and laid a small strip of polyester fleece within it. Once cured, we then went back to site and pulled the polyester strip. If the silicone breaks and leaves the majority of the silicone on the roof surface, this is a positive test and coating can commence. With a push test, instead of embedding a fleece, you simply coat the surface and then, when the product is cured, rub the edges of the coating with your finger or thumb. If the coating doesn't peel off (as opposed to breaking the surface), this is a positive test and coating can commence. Some coatings can be adherence tested by placing strong adhesive tape to the surface and then rapidly pulling it away and checking to see if any of the new coating is visible on the back of the tape. This is not possible with silicone coatings, since nothing will adhere to the surface.

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This is an example of a flat roof core testing survey completed in 2021. The insulation layer was present beneath a felt roof covering laid onto asphalt. Only by digging deeper, were we able to know that insulation was present at all and in this case, was soaking wet. Before completing any flat roof waterproofing project, have a core sampling survey completed - it could save you a lot of wasted time and money.

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SWT Primer Summer Instructions

SWT stands for "Surface and Wet Tolerant" and is the name of Liquasil's marine-grade metal primer for use with our cut edge corrosion treatment, metal gutter lining system and a component of Asbestoseal, our asbestos roof coating system. This two-part epoxy provides around 6 sq metres per tin (approx 0.6 litres mixed). To use, open Part A (the tin) and stir for a minute to ensure that the contents are fully distributed in the tin. Then apply the contents of the bottle into the tin and keep stirring until fully mixed. Under no circumstances should you attempt to split the contents of the tin and the bottle. Doing so will result in product failure and it will not cure. Epoxy products cure by chemical reaction. This limits the mixed pot life to around 40 minutes to one hour at 20ºc. In higher temperatures, the product can go off much quicker, so it is important to keep stirring the contents during use to help extend the pot life. Clean all surfaces and ensure that all loose and flaking materials are removed before application. SWT Primer can be applied directly to red rust, even if the surface is soaking wet. It will cure under water.

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Asbestos Roof Steam Cleaning

There are several ways to clean an asbestos roof. This method involves steam cleaning using a DOFF 150°c steam cleaning machine. Steam has several advantages over closed box pressure washers, but it is a slower process. Advantages: 1) Steam evaporates so there is less water run-off 2) Steam kills moss and lichen spores instantly, resulting in slower re-growth 3) Steam cleans deeper 4) The roof dries quicker when cleaning with steam But remember, steam cleaning is NOT a Health & Safety Executive approved method of cleaning asbestos cement sheets - though this doesn't mean that it cannot be used. Although slower than a closed box pressure wash, we believe that steam cleaning is a better and safer alternative to most other asbestos roof cleaning methods.

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Factory Finish Adherence test on Metal Roof

This is an adherence test carried out on a metal roof that had been cleaned in advance of Liquasil's Metalseal 20 being applied. A sub-contractor insisted that they had removed all the unsuitable substrate that could be removed with a 4000psi jet wash fitted with a turbo lance (which strips just about everything). We take nothing for granted, so went and conducted our own post-cleaning adherence tests. Result = re-do the cleaning.

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Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating system being applied by roller

Asbestoseal is the BBA Approved asbestos roof coating system from Liquasil Ltd., a UK based roof coatings manufacturer. Asbestoseal is a silicone system that is absorbed into the asbestos cement roof sheets to provide many years of protection, potentially increasing its life expectancy by 25+ years. Highly water repellent, this silicone system was the first in the UK to gain BBA Approval for coating asbestos roofs and cladding. By utilising other components, Asbestoseal can be made into a waterproofing system, but this is not necessary in most cases, since the field sheets to which Asbestoseal is applied, rarely leak in any event, unless they are damaged - in which case, any such damage will be attended to during application of the system. For more details, please call 0121 709 5352 or visit

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