Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating system being applied by roller

Asbestoseal is the BBA Approved asbestos roof coating system from Liquasil Ltd., a UK based roof coatings manufacturer. Asbestoseal is a silicone system that is absorbed into the asbestos cement roof sheets to provide many years of protection, potentially increasing its life expectancy by 25+ years. Highly water repellent, this silicone system was the first in the UK to gain BBA Approval for coating asbestos roofs and cladding. By utilising other components, Asbestoseal can be made into a waterproofing system, but this is not necessary in most cases, since the field sheets to which Asbestoseal is applied, rarely leak in any event, unless they are damaged - in which case, any such damage will be attended to during application of the system. For more details, please call 0121 709 5352 or visit