SWT Primer Summer Instructions

SWT stands for "Surface and Wet Tolerant" and is the name of Liquasil's marine-grade metal primer for use with our cut edge corrosion treatment, metal gutter lining system and a component of Asbestoseal, our asbestos roof coating system. This two-part epoxy provides around 6 sq metres per tin (approx 0.6 litres mixed). To use, open Part A (the tin) and stir for a minute to ensure that the contents are fully distributed in the tin. Then apply the contents of the bottle into the tin and keep stirring until fully mixed. Under no circumstances should you attempt to split the contents of the tin and the bottle. Doing so will result in product failure and it will not cure. Epoxy products cure by chemical reaction. This limits the mixed pot life to around 40 minutes to one hour at 20ºc. In higher temperatures, the product can go off much quicker, so it is important to keep stirring the contents during use to help extend the pot life. Clean all surfaces and ensure that all loose and flaking materials are removed before application. SWT Primer can be applied directly to red rust, even if the surface is soaking wet. It will cure under water.