Flat Roof Waterproofing 

In 2024, Liquasil withdrew from the flat roof waterproofing market and discontinued sales of Liquasil Ultra Rapid  and Liquasil DG Rapid.

The reason for the discontinuation of these two BBA Approved flat roof waterproofing products was because these were the only two products that we did not manufacture ourselves.

Both waterproofing systems were bought in under a white label manufacturing agreement.

However, our view was that because there are so many established manufacturers in the flat roof waterproofing sector, we didn’t wish to be another “me too” supplier.

We maintain a strong relationship with our white label manufacturers, so in the unlikely event that aftersales servicing is required for existing installations, we can still provide this without delay.

Similarly, we are also happy to provide details of how to obtain the systems we were previously supplying to established, professional specifiers.

Flat Roof Surveys

There are many types of flat roof substrates used on commercial property in the UK, including felt, concrete, metal, timber, asphalt, single ply systems and more.

Each substrate type has its own advantages and disadvantages, but when a leak occurs one any type of substrate, the result is the same – water inside the building!

However, before rushing to completely refurbish a flat roof, it’s wise to get it surveyed professionally.

A flat roof survey by an independent and suitably qualified firm (not a roofing contractor) will diagnose any issues on the roof that could be causing water ingress.

This could range from breaches in the current covering, such as felt or single ply, to something as simple as a loose coping stone on a parapet wall.

Just because there is a leak, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to completely renew the roof covering.

A flat roof survey will also consider things like flues, drains, upstands, parapet walls and of course, the condition of the structural deck itself.

Because Liquasil is owned and operated by Chartered Building Surveyors, our team can conduct flat roof surveys with absolute confidence, providing you with various options for repair or replacement as necessary.

This survey is 100% independent and is carried out by our building surveying team rather than Liquasil, so there is no potential conflict of interest.

To arrange a flat roof survey for commercial premises only, please call David Carter 0n 0121 711 7110.

Flat roof waterproofing – we strongly recommend a full roof survey, including core sampling to make sure that your waterproofing solution is specified correctly.

Please note that our flat roof waterproofing systems have been discontinued.