Liquasil Guarantee Options

A specifiers guide to construction industry product and insurance guarantees.

Liquasil is dedicated to providing specifiers, installers and end users of our roof & cladding coating systems with all of the information they require to make informed decisions about the type of guarantee they require on their coating projects.

Liquasil provides product-only guarantees on all of its products when installed as a full system by a Liquasil Approved Installer only.

If you require a workmanship warranty, an insurance-backed or full insurance guarantee in addition to our product guarantee, you will need to arrange this separately through your chosen installer.

Information provided here is to help you understand your options given the changes as we understand them – nothing presented here is to be considered as being professional advice.

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Roof Coating Guarantees

Product-Only Warranties or Insurance Guarantees?

In line with most manufacturers, Liquasil’s roof coating and gutter lining systems come with product warranties of up to 20 years, depending on the system being installed.

But is a product-only warranty enough for your or your clients needs?

You can download a specimen of our product-only warranty by clicking here.

If you require something more substantial, for example, an insurance backed guarantee, these may be available via your Liquasil Approved Installer at extra cost.

It’s your choice and for this reason, we have highlighted the options for you on this page.

We are happy to discuss insurtance warranty options with installers, specifiers and end users if required, but ultimately, we will refer anything we consider to be “Professional Advice” to a specialist construction industry broker, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Product-Only Warranties

When a product warranty is offered on a coating system, it only provides for replacement of product in the event of a failure.

It specifically excludes labour and access costs, as well as any fault or condition of the substrate to which it is applied.

By their nature, product-only warranties are extremely limited in their scope, since a manufacturer only makes products – they don’t install them!

Liquasil systems are not designated as being waterproofing systems. Industrial roofs contain many other components that are themselves susceptible to water ingress and any leak is likely to be a result of failure of one or more of these components.

In the event of a manufacturing fault resulting in an installation failure, the remedy is for the manufacturer to provide replacement product to the value of that required to repair the area of failure(s). Installation cost will be excluded.

Insurance Backed Guarantees

Any proposed warranty should be specifically for commercial projects, since a domestic policy will not provide enough cover for most installations.

Look for an A-Rated insurer and to avoid any insurance policy provided by a non-rated, off-shore insurer.

An Insurance Backed Guarantee only provides cover in the event that the installing contractor goes into administration or cannot meet its repairing obligations.

Your first port of call should always be to the installing contractor.

Ensure you have obtained a written workmanship guarantee from your installer. Ideally, it should match the length of the product warranty.

The cost of insurance backed guarantees increased significantly in recent years and it is unlikely that a meaningful policy will be available for less than £1000 plus IPT.

Workmanship Guarantees

Like all product-only guarantees, ours excludes workmanship, meaning that a coating failure that is caused by anything other than a product fault, is not covered.

Because there are so many variables when applying coatings, a manufacturer cannot assume responsibility for the actual installation.

To help mitigate potential problems, on larger specified projects, Liquasil’s own building surveyors attend site during different stages of an installation to check that the installation is being carried out in accordance with the installation instructions.

However, such visits are limited in their scope and do not involve any kind of responsibility that would normally be undertaken by a contract administrator, main contractor or a clerk of works.

We strongly recommend therefore, when specifying Liquasil products, that you include a requirement in your specification, for your installer to provide their own workmanship warranty.

Is An Insurance Warranty Compulsory?

No. Insurance guarantees are optional. This is to provide clients and specifiers with greater choice and flexibility. We strongly recommend that you ask your installer to provide a workmanship warranty and that this is insurance-backed.

How Long Is The Product-Only Warranty

Product-Only warranties are valid from 15 to 25 years. Optional Insurance Backed Guarantees and Latent Defects Insurance Guarantees are available through certain Liquasil Approved Installers for 10 or 12 years.

What Is The Cost of Warranties?

Product-Only warranties are free of charge. Insurance-Backed Garantees vary in price according to scope and size of project. Your Liquasil Approved Installer should be able to provide a quotation for this.

Are Jobs Inspected?

Yes. Projects undertaken by Approved Installer with product-only warranties are inspected by Liquasil or their appointed, independent auditors. Insured projects are sometimes inspected by the insurer’s independent auditors who have 100% authority for project audits.

Is There A Cost For Inspection?

Liquasil audits all qualifying projects that are undertaken by an Approved Installer. With insured projects, an independent auditor may be asked to carry out the inspections and the fee for this is usually included in the policy premium. Small projects are not usually inspected.

What Is Covered On The Warranty?

Product-only warranties cover only manufacturing defects. Insurance-Backed Guarantees cover for contractor insolvency and little else. If you require something more substantial, please call us and we will advise.

Is An Excess Payable?

All construction industry insurance guarantees include an excess to be paid in the event of a claim. As this can vary depending on the insurer, we suggest you ask for a specimen policy before agreeing to purchase.

Is The Warranty Transferrable?

Yes. The Liquasil product warranty transfers to any new owner or occupier. There is no requirement to formally change beneficiaries, but we are happy to do so upon request. Insurance backed guarantee transfer depends on the insurer. 

How Do I Obtain A Workmanship Warranty

Workmanship warranties should be specified in any tender document, since not all contractors provide these as standard, even though it might be implied. We strongly recommend that you specifically request this before agreeing works.