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How To Articles

The Importance Of Surface Preparation When Treating Cut Edge Corrosion

Common Installation Mistakes Whether you are treating cut edge corrosion surface preparation is probably the most important aspect of the job. There is always a temptation for site operatives to take short cuts and it's usually at the cleaning and preparation stage...

How To Clean A Metal Roof

Metal Roof Cleaning Recommendations Before coating a metal roof, it is important that the surface is clean and free from all contaminants. The most commonly used method for cleaning industrial sized roofs is jet washing, because it's relatively cheap and can usually...

How To Use A Wet Film Thickness Comb

How to use a wet film thickness comb to determine the thickness of Liquasil roof coating products (and other paints and coatings). Why use a wet film gauge? The importance of wet film thickness discussed.

Spray On Metal Roof Coating

Spray on metal roof coatings don’t get any better than Liquasil’s BBA Approved Metalseal system with a product warranty of 25 years in a single coat, spray application.

Bitesize CPD

Bite-Size CPD – Roof Fixings

In this bitesize CPD article, we look at roof fixings. Ignoring the fixings means that you could be leaving money on the table with your dilapidations claims. If you are preparing a condition schedule, identifying faults prior to lease agreement, you could be protecting your client from a big claim later.

To Seal Or Not to Seal?

Should you seal overlapping coating a roof or treating cut edge corrosion? We don’t think so, but we’ll let you be the judge once you’ve read this article prepared by our own team of Chartered Building Surveyors. We have products that you can use, but we still don’t often recommend sealing mid-lap joints.

Industrial Gutter Liners

Bitesize CPD discussing industrial gutter liner options available to the professional specifier. Steel gutters, asbestos gutters, concrete gutters – which gutter liner is best for you?