Liquasil Dilapidatioons Grade and Ultra Rapid waterproofing systems provide up to 30 years waterproofing protection for flat roofs.

Flat Roof Waterproofing – Liquasil DG Rapid

Liquasil DG (Dilapidations Grade) Rapid is designed for quick installation on flat roof refurbishment projects.

Liquasil DG Rapid BBA Certificate

Flat Roof Waterproofing – Liquasil Ultra Rapid

Premium grade, low odour waterproofing using hybrid polymers for new-build & high-profile installations.

Liquasil Ultra Rapid BBA Certificate

Liquasil DG Rapid installation - flat roof waterproofing in a tin
Our flat roof waterproofing systems are easier and faster to install than most comparible systems and, because there are no hot works, it’s safer to use in most circumstances.

By integrating a high quality glass fibre mat into the initial embedment coat, the unique hybrid coating is significantly strengthened.

BBA Approved for application to many substrate type,

these systems can be accelerated (optionally) to provide a quick cure, even in colder conditions.

Both systems provide exceptional UV resistance and will accept foot traffic without the need for additional reinforcement or aggregate, though designated walkways are available if required.

Both systems will save time and money because of the speed of installation – there’s no waiting between coats.

Advantages of Liquasil DG Rapid

Cheaper than many other flat roof waterproofing systems

Ease & speed of application

BBA Approved

Cost effective without compromise

Tested life expectancy at least 20 years 

Strong & flexible

Made in England

Designed for dilapidations surveyors by dilapidations surveyors

Advantages of Liquasil Ultra Rapid

Extra-strong reinforcement for greater service life

Low Odour formulation

BBA Approved

Speedy application

Made for high-spec buildings 

Tested life expectancy at least 25+ years 

Made in England

Designed with the professional specifier in mind

Advantages of Roof Surveys

There are many types of flat roof substrates used on commercial property in the UK, including felt, concrete, metal, timber, asphalt, single ply systems and more.

Each substrate type has its own advantages and disadvantages, but when a leak occurs one any type of substrate, the result is the same – water inside the building!

Liquasil’s flat roof waterproofing systems are designed to prevent leaks and they are very effective at doing so.

However, before rushing to completely refurbish a flat roof, it’s wise to get it surveyed.

A flat roof survey by an independent and suitably qualified firm (not a roofing contractor) will diagnose any issues on the roof that could be causing water ingress.

This could range from breaches in the current covering, such as felt or single ply, to something as simple as a loose coping stone on a parapet wall.

Just because there is a leak, it doesn’t mean that you have to completely renew the roof covering – though as roof coating manufacturers, we’d like to think you might consider our products.

Before we accept any flat roof waterproofing project using our products, we like to inspect it to make sure that once complete, the roof wil no longer leak.

This allows us the opportunity to examine other aspects of the roof that mightneed attention during the coating works. It also allows us to consider things like flues, drains, upstands, parapet walls and of course, the condition of the structural deck itself.

Nobody wants their waterproofing system to fail, so its best to choose a manufacturer who cares enough to perform some due diligence before a contract starts.


Flat roof waterproofing – we strongly recommend a full roof survey, including core sampling to make sure that your waterproofing solution is specified correctly.

Please call 0121 709 5352 and one our surveying team will take you through the process and provide you with whatever information you need to make an informed decision.