This is a full roof coating project completed in in Aberdeen during 2022, by Emerald Contracts of Ayr, using Liquasil’s metal roof coating system, Metalseal.

The original plastisol finish was delaminating badly, leaving the steel substrate exposed to the weather and susceptible to corrosion, being in a coastal location.

Cleaning the roof with high powered jet wash equipment, the existing finish was completely removed across large sections of the roof.

Cut edges were treated with Liquasil SWT Primer, an anti-corrosion primer designed to stop further top-down corrosion from occurring. The primed areas then received an initial coat of Metalseal 20.

The rest of the cleaned metal roof was then coated with a single coat of Metalseal 20, wioth the previously primed and coated cut edges receiving two coats in total, to ensure that these vulnerable areas were doubly protected.

Metalseal was supplied as a special order in RAL5011, Steel Blue colour.

The completed installation is covered by Liquasil’s 20 year product warranty.