Metalseal from Liquasil is a purpose made, BBA Approved metal roof coating system.

BBA Approved Metal Roof Coating System

Metalseal is the original BBA Approved metal roof refurbishment system from Liquasil.

More than just a roof paint, our metal roof refurbishment system includes cut edge corrosion treatment as standard. A single-coat application is guaranteed for 25 years.

The semi-gloss, self-levelling finish and performance of Metalseal is far superior to any other industrial roof coating available in the UK today.

That’s because Metalseal was designed by professional specifiers to tackle all of the the problems associated with aged metal roofs.

When you specify Metalseal for your industrial roof coating project, you get more than just paint – you get the expertise of our own building surveying team. 

Metalseal BBA Certificate

Metalseal metal roof coating by Liquasil Ltd

Complete Metal Roof Refurbishment System

Steel profiled industrial roofs have a design life of up to 40 years.

However, if the original factory applied finish is damaged or degraded, the life expectancy is drastically reduced.

Over time, roof coatings suffer from UV exposure and mechanical damage that can result in complete failure, leaving the steel substrate susceptible to corrosion.

Liquasil’s Metal roof paint is designed to provide long-term protection for metal roofs.

More affordable than a new roof or overcladding, Metalseal can be installed with little disruption to occupied buildings.

This purpose-made, complete silicone roof coating system can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray usually in a single coat, providing at least 25 years protection for your metal roof.

It’s 100% UV stable, so will not fade or degrade over time.

Metalseal is the ultimate protective coating for metal roofs in the UK.

Unique Formulation

Made from the ground-up, Metalseal uses specially selected silicone oils and polymers to produce a coating that is purpose-made for the refurbishment of metal roofs.

BBA Approved under certificate number 18/5536 (sheet 1), Metalseal was the first specialist metal roof refurbishment system on the market to have this approval.

It’s also recommended by Kingspan, so you can specify and use it with 100% confidence.

During the past 10 years, Metalseal has been specified and installed on more than a million square metres of industrial metal roofs throughout the UK.

Metalseal provides a permanent protective finish to metal profiled roofs. It is resistant to UV degradation across all colours and won’t fade and crack over time.

Older installations of Metalseal can be easily cleaned with low pressure jet wash. Moss and lichen are a thing of the past because the product resists fungal growth.

Two Grades

Metalseal is available in two versions, to suit individual application methods.

Where brush and roller application is preferred, we recommend Metalaseal SF – our solvent free version of Metalseal that has more body which helps reduce sagging of the product on crowns and webs of profiled steel.

Both versions can be applied by brush and roller, but a more consistent film thickness is achievable across the installation with Metalseal SF.

Metalseal SF cannot be sprayed.

For spray application, we recommend Metalseal 20, as it is formulated to suit airless spraying.

This version contains a small amount of solvent to ensure that the product atomises and can pass through the spray gun. 

Cost of Coating A Metal Roof

Metalseal is cheaper to buy and to install, than many competing systems.

To further reduce costs, our complete roof coating system includes cut edge corrosion treatment as standard. This makes it the most complete protective coating for metal roofs on the market.

Metalseal is guaranteed for 25 years when installed by a Liquasil Approved Installer.

Insurance backed guarantees may be available from your  appointed Liquasil Approved Installer at extra cost.

If you specify metal roof coatings, it’s time to consider a cost effective alternative to the expensive and bloated systems that have traditionally been used for protecting metal roofs.

Metalseal is designed by Chartered Building Surveyors to provide you with a decorative and protective finish to keep your clients’ buildings in tip-top condition.

Metalseal adds value for building owners at the lowest possible cost.

Brush Roller or Airless Spray Application

Ease of application is key to all Liquasil systems and Metalseal 20 can be installed by airless spray, roller or brush, usually in a single coat, so is suitable for use on small or large metal roofs.

For brush and roller application, we recommend Metalseal SF.

Both versions are available in any RAL colour, subject to a minimum roof size of just 300 sq metres at no extra cost. We can guarantee colour match between batches.

Preparation will depend on the condition of the substrate to which the product is being applied and can be as simple as jet washing the surface.

If cut edge corrosion is present and the substrate is in poor condition, we recommend that the surface is taken back to bare metal (ST3 standard) and we recommend a number of economical methods for doing this and we are happy to provide guidance where necessary.

Become A Liquasil Approved Installer

Metalseal is a BBA Approved product and consequently, we restrict the supply to experienced roof coating companies that have completed our free training.

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image showing metal roof coating, Metalseal from Liquasil Ltd
image showing metal roof coating, Metalseal from Liquasil Ltd
image showing metal roof coating, Metalseal from Liquasil Ltd
image showing metal roof coating, Metalseal from Liquasil Ltd

Completed Metal Roof Coating Projects

Here are some completed projects using Metalseal 20. Each one of these roof coating projects has been carried out by independent, Liquasil Approved Contractors.

Whilst we don’t publish lists of our approved installers, we are happy to provide details upon request, based on geographical location, size of project and other factors that might be relevant to your project.

*Galvanised Surfaces

Metalseal is typically a single-aplication metal roof coating, but there are occasions when additional primers need to be used, depending on the condition of the roof.

There are many reasons why a coating might not fully adhere, but the most common is surface contamination.

For example, a bare galvanised roof that has been cleaned can still contain an invisible layer of zinc that can sometimes prevent adhesion.

A belt and braces approach should be taken on bare galvanised roofs, with the surface treated with Liquasil Galvanised Surface Primer.

Alternatively, a mordant solution wash can be used, but must be rinsed off once activated.

This will help ensure project is successful and will also enhance the life expectancy of the installation.

Adherence testing is always required on all surfaces and even though these might prove to be successful, using the galv primer will provide complete peace of mind for not too much more cost.

When specifying Metalseal for use on bare galvanised substrates, where the original coating has debonded, please include an extra-over cost for this option, because if the contractor’s adhesion tests are inconclusive, the primer will be required.

Cleaning Metalseal

Metalseal is a soft coating that can be damaged by impact, abrasion or harsh jet washing.

Coated surfaces can be cleaned using low pressure jet wash, holding the lance at least 12 inches from the surface of the coating. Turbo lances must NOT be used.

Alternatively, smaller roofs can be cleaned using washing-up liquid and water, agitating the surface with a sponge or soft bristle car washing brush and then rinsing with clean water.

It is not a requirement of Liquasil’s product warranty that the surface is cleaned regularly, but it is a requirement that the installation is examined annually for signs of damage, which if present, can be touched up with more product once the surface has been cleaned.

Liquasil can also provide a compatible anti-fungicidal wash to kill any fungal growth that might be present on the surface.

Metal Cladding Paint

Our dedicated cladding paint is a low-cost option for vertical cladding applications, but in some circumstances, Metalseal can be used.

Metalseal on vertical cladding provides a highly effective and long-lasting finish and is a highly effective barrier against grafitti.

In fact, Metalseal is so advanced, that if the coated surface is attacked by grafitti, either paint or marker pen, it will simply wash off with water and a little household detergent, to leave a completely ghost-free finish.

Because nothing sticks to the Metalseal surface, posters, stickers etc., are a thing of the past – they just won’t stay on the surface.

Metalseal out-performs most anti-graffiti coatings because of its unique hardened silicone composition.

Please bear in mind that Metalseal is a soft, silicone coating and is therefore susceptible to mechanical damage at lower levels of cladding.

If you’re considering a metal cladding coating, Metalseal is a compelling choice, but please also consider Cladcoat, our multi-surface paint for metal cladding , which is considerably cheaper!

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