Silicone Gutter Lining With Gutterseal™

Image showing Liquasil's Gutterseal, liquid gutter liner on a steel gutter

As part of a general industrial unit renovation project, the steel gutters to this industrial unit were lined using Liquasil’s silicone gutter lining system, Gutterseal.

The system has three components;

  1. SWT Primer, a marine grade, 2 pack epoxy that is applied directly onto red rust.
  2. Non-Sag Sealer, a unique silicone compound used to completely seal joints and fixings.
  3. Liquasil One, a heavy silicone coating to form a seamless finish.

The gutters were first cleaned and all loose and flaking materials were removed prior to priming throughout with SWT Primer.

The primer coat is used to arrest any corrosion that is present, as well as providing a perfect key for the Non-Sag Sealer and the Liquasil One products.

Once the primer was cured, Non-Sag Sealer was applied liberally to all joints and fixings, to ensure that these most vulnerable areas cannot leak. Non-Sag Sealer has an elasticity of 1600%, meaning that it can easily cope with thermal expansion and contraction due to weather conditions.

Liquasil One was then applied by brush and roller to the entire internal area of the gutter to form a completely seamless and fully bonded liner.

The gutter is guaranteed for 15 years and the only maintenance required is to keep the gutters free-flowing, which normally means an annual or twice annual clean to remove any leaves and other organic materials.

The installation was completed by Liquasil Approved Installers, A Surman & Co Ltd of Birmingham.

Silicone Gutter Lining Project Gallery

As you can see, Liquasil’s silicone gutter liner is a complete liner that remains firmly adhered to the internal surface of the gutter, providing a completely seamless finish that will last for many years.

The Gutterseal system is provided in a mid-grey as standard, but for larger gutters any RAL colour can be made if necessary, subject to a small additional cost.

This silicone gutter liner is unique to Liquasil and is not available via merchants or other manufacturers. Additionally, unless no warranty is required, we do not supply any of our systems to untrained individuals or companies.

Gutterseal™ is suitable for a number of gutter substrates including steel, concrete and asbestos cement. Other substrates can be coated at the installer’s risk.