Gutterseal is a fully bonded, liquid gutter lining from Liquasil. The image here is for representation only. Compnents are Liquasil One, Non Sag Sealer and SWT Primer

Gutterseal – the seamless, fully bonded gutter lining

At last, a liquid gutter liner that actually works!

The Liquasil Gutterseal System is suitable for metal, cast iron, concrete and asbestos cement gutters.

It includes 3 components: our marine-grade anti-corrosion primer, a specially formulated sealer for the joints and our unique single-coat silicone finish to create a seamless, leak-free finish.

Gutterseal Installation Instructions

Liquid gutter lining from Liquasil Ltd

Liquid Gutter Liner & Gutter Repair System

The Liquasil liquid gutter liner system forms a completely seamless and highly flexible lining that will eliminate leaks.

Step1: Liquasil’s marine-grade SWT Primer, is applied to all steel elements to prevent rust breakthrough.

Step 2: All joints are sealed with Non-Sag Sealer, a unique, highly flexible silicone compound.

Step 3:  The whole gutter is coated with Liquasil one to provide a permanent, seamless and leak-free finish.

The Gutterseal system is suited to the most complex of gutter configurations, because unlike physical gutter liners, it goes around corners and is completely seamless. One applied, there are no weak spots for leaks to develop.

The Liquasil liquid gutter lining system has a product warranty of 15 years as standard.

We call our gutter liner system “Gutterseal” – a generic name to encompass the entire system, though it is made up of a small number of component parts.

Leakage at the joints is a common problem for industrial and commercial property gutters, which is why Non-Sag Sealer is included in the Gutterseal system. It eliminates joint leaks at their source, without the need to remove any fixings or replace rotted seals.

Physical or Liquid Gutter Liner?

The difference between a physical gutter liner and a liquid gutter liner is that the physical liner is essentially a gutter within a gutter, whereas the liquid liner is something that is permanently bonded to the surface.

A liquid gutter liner is often the best option for resealing industrial and commercial gutters, but there are some circumstances where it may be more desirable to install a physical gutter liner instead.

Physical gutter liners are usually made from a plastic based material that is made to measure for each installation and then rolled out in-situ.

The main advantage of such a system is that no structural or other repair is necessary to the original gutter before installation.

This speeds up installation, especially on straight, larger girth gutters.

In most cases, outlets (even siphonic outlets), corners and T-Junctions will be custom-moulded by the manufacturer and the gutter itself supplied on a seamless roll. This type of gutter lining is usually held in place with clips.

Sometimes water can still get beneath a physical liner and cause the original substrate to deteriorate. Trapped water between a physical liner and the substrate will cause corrosion.

With our liquid gutter liner, the gutter is first cleaned and then dried thoroughly. Surface rust is treated and all joints and holes are sealed before the liquid liner is brushed or rolled into the gutter.

The liner dries in just a few hours and is fully cured in a day or two depending on the weather and temperature. The end result is a seamless, fully bonded liner that becomes part of the original gutter.

Each type of gutter liner has its advantages and disadvantages. Our building surveyors will be happy to discuss your project and help you decide which is best for your project.

Liquasil's liquid gutter lining system
Liquasil gutter liner
concrete gutter liner from Liquasil
Liquasil liquid gutter liner system

Cleaning A Gutterseal Lined Gutter

Liquid lined gutters will still be susceptible to soiling and debris accumulation in the same way as any other gutter.

Cleaning is a relatively simple process, as long as care is taken not to damage the lining.

The Gutterseal liner system is made from silicone, which is a soft coating, with a thickness of around 750 microns to 1mm.

To ensure that the coating system is not damaged, please avoid using sharp scrapers, particularly metal, as these could damage the coated surface.

Leaf and other debris should be manually removed from the gutter (gutter vacuum cleaners may be used) and then the gutter should be rinsed through with clean water.

Low pressure jet washes may be used to remove any surface algae that might be present and Liquasil can also provide a compatible anti-fungicidal wash to kill any fungal growth that might be present on the surface.

All gutters should be examined and cleaned at least annually and more frequently if the premises are in close proximity to trees, or if nesting birds are present on the roof.

If any damage is noted to the gutters, Liquasil can provide additional product to be applied to the damaged area(s).

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There are many types of industrial gutter liner on the market.

Some are better than others, but Liquasil’s Gutterseal is simpler and more robust than most.

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