Metal Gutter Lining

Completed by Heritage (UK) Services Ltd

Liquasil's gutter lining system is the ideal liner for steel gutters, as it treats any existing corrosion to prevent further rust damage, as well as sealing all joints permanently.

This is an installation of Gutterseal completed by Heritage (UK) Services Ltd.

The installation process was as follows:

  • Thoroughly clean gutters, removing all vegetation, soil and debris
  • Prepare the surface by removing all loose, flaking and heavy rust
  • Apply a single coat of Liquasil SWT Anti-Corrosion Primer to entire surface of the gutter
  • Apply Non-Sag Sealer to all joints and fixings
  • Apply a single coat of Liquasil One to entire area of the gutter to create a seamless, fully bonded gutter liner

The project was inspected at all stages by Liquasil to ensure that the installation instructions were followed completely. A 15 year product warranty was issued upon completion.