Cladacat™ is Liquasil's dedicated cladding coating.

Cladding Coating by Liquasil

This is Cladcoat™, our new dedicated cladding coating for those clients looking for a cost effective product that can be used on metal cladding and a number of other substrates including composites.

With a guaranteed service life of at least 10 years, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better at the price.

Cladcoat has been designed to make your specification decision a whole lot easier.

Cladding Coating System For Professionals

At last! A cladding paint that’s affordable, easy and quick to apply and guaranteed to perform for at least 10 years.

Cladcoat™ is the cladding coating that will keep your metal cladding sheets in tip-top condition, extending the life of your cladding for many years to come.

It’s ideal for small or large projects and because we don’t specify minimum order quantities, matching a colour scheme with contrasting shades is a breeze.

There is no colour mixing on site, just open the can and use it straight away.

What’s more, we guarantee colour matching between different batches, so you can be 100% sure that your colours will be the same, wherever they are installed, no matter how large the area.

The semi-gloss finish is UV stable and resistant to fading, cracking and flaking, due to its excellent flexibility and adherence.

Based on acrylic alkyd technology, Cladcoat™ is a one to two coat application in most cases.

Application is by brush, roller or airless spray.

Optional Components For Your Cladding Coating

The Cladcoat system has a number of optional components to make sure your cladding coating project is successful.

Any coating is only as good as the preparation and installation, so we’ve made it easy to get things right first time.

If you need help in deciding which components you might need, just call us and we’ll talk you through it.

Corrosion Primer

For use on spot or cut edge corrosion, we recommend the use of our SWT primer to protect against surface rust for at least 15 years.

Detergent Wash

Sometimes jet washing isn’t enough and our detergent wash will make sure that all surface contamination is removed, resulting in better adhesion.

Anti-Fungicidal Wash

For use on vertical cladding or roofs where green algae is present. Kills the spores to prevent regrowth and coating breakthrough.

Galv Primer

A reassurance primer for bare galvanised surfaces, where adverse adherence issues are possible.

Pack sizes are 5 litre or 20 litres and can be made to order in any RAL colour from as little as 5 litres at a time, making it easier and cheaper to accommodate contrasting trim colours to go with a main cladding sheet colour scheme.

Unlike our roof coating systems, there is no requirement for site inspections.

The system has been designed to provide a budget-friendly solution for those clients looking to referesh their metal cladded elevations.  Consequently, Cladcoat™ does not require installers to be trained and approved by Liquasil.

Estate or Building Rebranding Made Easy

Cladcoat™ is ideal for industrial estate rebranding, for example, when a new landlord takes over and wants an estate branded in its standard colour scheme.

Whilst made specifically for vertical cladding, Cladcoat™ can also be used on metal profiled roofs where the budget doesn’t allow for a silicone system, or perhaps where a tenant has a redecoration and repair clause, but doesn’t require a 20 year warranty.

Cladcoat is brand new cladding coating for 2023. We’ll be adding project galleries soon, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in specifying or purchasing Cladcoat, please call 0121 709 5352 – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.