Product Details:

The  Only BBA Approved Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment Available

Designed by building surveyors and independently tested by The British Board of Agrément (BBA),  our cut edge corrosion treatment is vastly different from any other system on the market.

Instead of masking the problem with paint primers, Liquasil’s cut edge corrosion treatment includes a rust treatment that is already proven in the marine coatings sector.

More than 1million sq metres of the primer has been installed during the past 15 years in the petrochemical and offshore sectors, with zero failures.

We call it SWT Primer.

Completely surface and wet tolerant, it can be installed directly to wet substrates, so poor weather downtime during the preparation stage is significantly reduced.

Once cured, the  SWT primer is overlaid with the unique, hardened silicone top-coat, Flexlap, to extend the life of the system even further and provide a 100% UV stable finish that’s available in any RAL colour.

Liquasil Approved Installers also have access to highly advanced surface preparation techniques that will prepare the substrate to bare metal, leaving a clean and salt-free finish that can extend the life of coatings by many years.

Sealing overlapping roof sheets is not required in most cases and therefore, our cut edge corrosion treatment is designed to treat only the sheets that are suffering from the problem – the top most sheets.

Our discussions with metallurgists, roofers and building surveyors back up our assumptions.

This results in a far easier application method, significant material and labour savings and an altogether more robust solution to cut edge corrosion problems.

Installers love it for the sheer simplicity and clients love it because it saves them money.

Surveyors and other specifiers also prefer it because our guarantee covers system design, so they’ll never be caught out specifying a sub-standard system.

Our recent BBA certification adds another layer of assurance.

Liquasil Ltd is owned by building surveyors and our liquid roofing solutions are designed to actually solve the problems associated with commercial roofs.

The Liquasil Cut Edge Corrosion System is so good  that most installations come with a full latent defects insurance guarantee as standard, when installed by a Liquasil Approved Installer.

No other cut edge corrosion system offers this type of guarantee.

Please take a look at the video opposite and you’ll soon understand why we are so resolute in our approach.

Sometimes, it can be necessary to seal the gaps on the overlapping roof sheets, for example when the corrosion is particularly severe, or the pitch of the roof is causing water ingress during wet, windy weather.

In cases like this, we do have a product called “Lapsil” that will seal the overlapping sheets. This MUST be specified in advance.

If you need any help in understanding the real issues surrounding cut edge corrosion, we offer a free, comprehensive, Accredited CPD course on the subject.

For a more reasoned approach, contact Liquasil Ltd on 0121 709 5352 and speak to one of our surveyors without obligation.

BBA Certificate number: 18/5536 (sheet2)