Liquasil Approved Installers

In an attempt to ensure consistency of installation, Liquasil operates a strict Approved Installer policy.

Our products cannot be purchased from merchants and our guarantees are available exclusively to those contractors that have attended our training sessions.

We have trained, approved installers in many regions of the UK and will be pleased to help you in selecting a contractor for your roof coating project, based on geographical location and their experience with our systems.

Recommendations are usually made once an installer has completed at least two successful installations using relevant Liquasil products.

How To Become A Liquasil Approved Installer

Liquasil welcomes new applications from established commercial and industrial roofing contractors throughout the UK.

The process is simple. Just call us on 0121 709 5352 and we'll discuss the options with you.

Training is compulsory, even for those applicators with knowledge of other liquid systems, because ours are considerably different to what you might be used to working with.

We strongly recommend that anybody in your organisation that will be involved in specifying or installing our products should attend the training session.

As your team becomes more experienced and competent with our systems, we can then begin to recommend your company for inclusion on tender lists for the many Liquasil projects that are specified each year.

Liquasil supports its approved installer network members like no other roof coatings manufacturer.

Credit Accounts

Like most manufacturers, we can provide a limited credit facility, subject to certain conditions.

If you require a credit account, we will make an application with our credit insurer on your behalf and once accepted, we'll then arrange a training day at our premises in Solihull where you will receive product training on all of the Liquasil systems you would like to work with.

In cases where our credit insurer refuses credit, regretfully, we will be unable to provide a credit facility, but you will still be able to purchase products.

Payment Methods

We accept payments by direct bank transfer and credit and debit card via our secure online facility.

Help For Building Surveyors & Architects

We often work with surveying practices to determine whether a roof can be coated or not.
We can do this from survey photographs or we can attend larger sites with building surveyors to help identify issues and assist in preparing a suitable coating specification at no cost, as long as safe access is available, or the roof is accessible for inspection via our 9m camera pole.

Help For Main Contractors

Has a Liquasil system been specified on one of your projects? We maintain a nationwide list of Liquasil trained and approved installers. Call us if you need to obtain quotations, or if you are tendering works. Only Liquasil Approved Installers can provide our unique guarantee.

Help For Building Owners & Occupiers

We strongly recommend that employ the services of a Chartered Building Surveyor to manage your project and tender the works. This could result in significant cost savings and will ensure a successful project.
If you simply wish to obtain quotations from Liquasil Approved Installers, please call us and we'll try and point you in the right direction.

Call 0121 709 5352 if you have any questions.