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About Metalseal, The Only BBA Approved Metal Roof Coating

This is the first, full metal roof coating and cladding system to be made from a specially formulated silicone polymer to provide a hardened finish that actively repels water, resists environmental dirt pick-up and prevents the build up of unsightly moss and lichen growth.

We think it’s the best metal roof coating available. It certainly has the best credentials.

BBA Approved under certificate number 18/5536 (sheet 1), Metalseal is the only specialist metal roof coating on the market to have this approval, so you can specify and use it with 100% confidence.

Metalseal can also be used in conjunction with our unique cut edge corrosion primers to ensure that cut edge corrosion does not affect the Metalseal installation for the duration of the guarantee.

Metalseal is also the only metal roof coating system to be covered by the unique, Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee which provides cover for replacement materials, safe access, labour and professional surveyors fees in the event of a problem occurring with the installation during the warranty period.

If you are involved in specifying metal roof coatings as a building surveyor or architect, it’s time to consider a cost effective alternative to the usual cladding paints that have traditionally been used to date.

Metalseal is designed by Chartered Building Surveyors to provide you with not only a decorative finish, but also a protective finish that will ensure your clients’ buildings will stay looking good for longer, yet will often cost no more than a cladding paint!

A metal roof coating offers an economical and effective way of roof refurbishment and due to the nature of our guarantee, Metalseal actually adds value for building owners.

Ease of application is key to all Liquasil systems.

Metalseal can be installed by airless spray, roller or brush, usually in a single coat, so is suitable for use on smaller and the largest metal roofs.

Uniquely for a silicone coating system, Metalseal is available in any RAL colour, subject to a minimum roof size of just 300 sq metres at no extra cost.

Preparation will depend on the condition of the substrate to which Metalseal is being applied.

If the substrate is in sound condition with no de-lamination of the existing finish apparent, then all that is needed is a roof clean using a high powered jet wash.

If cut edge corrosion is present and the substrate is in poor condition, we recommend that the surface is taken back to bare metal and we recommend a number of economical methods for doing this.

Metal Cladding Coating

Metalseal can also be used as a highly effective and long-lasting cladding coating system and when applied to vertical cladding, it provides a highly effective barrier against grafitti.

In fact, Metalseal is so advanced, that if the coated surface is attacked by grafitti, either paint or marker pen, it will simply wash off with water and a little household detergent, to leave a completely ghost-free finish.

Because nothing sticks to the Metalseal surface, posters, stickers etc., are a thing of the past – they just won’t stay on the surface.

Metalseal out-performs most anti-graffiti coatings because of its unique hardened silicone composition.

If you’re considering clating vertical cladding, Metalseal is a compelling and economical choice.

More Information

If you are a building owner, tenant, property manager or roofing contractor and would like to learn more about the unique qualities of the Metalseal metal roof coating system, please call us on 0121 709 5352 and we’ll happy to answer any questions for you or point you in the right direction of competent and experienced applicators.

BBA Certificate Number 18/5536