Product Details:

Liquasil Ultra PU is our new polyurethane, flexible flat roof waterproofing system.

Suitable for both old and new flat roof installations, Liquasil Ultra PU is compatible with most timber insulated composite decks, concrete and asphalt substrates, providing a strong, waterproof finish that will last many years.

BBA Certified and eligible for the unique Liquasil Latent Defects Guarantee, Liquasil Ultra PU is aimed squarely at the premium end of the liquid waterproofing sector.

Liquasil Ultra PU flat roof waterproofing system comprises an initial embedment coat, into which is laid a chopped strand emulsion based mat.

The chopped strand mat dissolves after about two minutes, allowing it to be moulded around the most complex roof details with relative ease.

Liquasil Ultra PU is available exclusively via a select group of Liquasil Approved Installers who have undergone the specialist training required for this product.