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Institutional Grade Flat Roof Waterproofing

BBA Approved Reinforced Polyurethane

Our BBA Approved, premium quality flat roof waterproofing system with optional Latent Defects Guarantee. For use where an "Institutional Finish" is required.

Specify with confidence. Liquasil Ultra PU offers a number of guarantee options when installed by an approved installer.

This is Liquasil Ultra PU being applied to a flat roof, over an existing flat felt roof.

Ultra PU is a seamless flat roof waterproofing system, made in the UK and designed specifically to cope with UK weather conditions and temperature extremes.

Specify with confidence, Liquasil Ultra is a best of breed product that requires no hot works and has less solvent content than most other polyurethane systems.

Institutional Grade Flat Roof Waterproofing

Liquasil Ultra PU is our BBA Approved, premium quality polyurethane flat roof waterproofing system.

Suitable for both old and new flat roof installations, Liquasil Ultra PU is compatible with (and BBA Approved for use on) most timber, insulated composite decks, concrete and asphalt substrates, providing a strong, waterproof finish that will last many years.

BBA Certified and with a number of flexible guarantee options, Liquasil Ultra PU is aimed squarely at the premium end of the liquid waterproofing sector where an Institutional Finish is required., but at an economical cost.

About Liquasil Ultra PU

Liquasil Ultra PU flat roof waterproofing system comprises an initial polyurethane embedment coat, into which is laid a chopped strand emulsion based mat containing strands of glass fibre.

The emulsion within the chopped strand mat dissolves after about two minutes, allowing the free-form fibres to be moulded around the most complex roof details with relative ease.

Once cured, the embedment coat is examined for any defective areas – for example, protruding glass fibres, pinholes or other anomalies, which are simply sanded down and re-coated as required.

At this stage of the installation, the roof will be waterproof.

The final stage is to add the top UV coat at a film thickness of approximately 750 microns to provide at least 15 years waterproofing protection.

Increased wet film thickness will allow the surface to last even longer, with product guarantees available from 15 years up to 25 years.

Liquasil Ultra UV coat is supplied as standard in charcoal grey.

Other colours can be made subject to minimum ordering quantities, but allow 15 working days lead time.

The finished roof is extremely tough and very flexible, unaffected by sunlight and other weathering conditions.

Exclusively Available Via Liquasil Approved installers

Liquasil systems are typically installed on commercial and industrial premises. We do not typically make our systems available for the domestic market and for this reason, our flat roof waterproofing system is available exclusively via a select group of Liquasil Approved Installers who have undergone the specialist training required for this product.

Liquasil Ultra PU contains no fillers (like ash for example) and has a very low solvent content, meaning that more of the applied product stays on the roof, rather than evaporating.

There are many different grades of polyurethane and Liquasil Ultra PU sits at the top of the heap.

For use on high value buildings where an institutional finish is required, Liquasil Ultra PU is probably the best flat roof waterproofing system on the UK market.

Consider the advantages:

  1. Seamless – no joints to leak
  2. Waterproof
  3. UV Resistant
  4. Bonds to and BBA Approved for many roof structures
  5. Fire rated to BS476 Part 3 EXT F AA & EN 1187 B Roof (t4)
  6. Made in the UK

If you would like more information on this best of breed polyurethane flat roof waterproofing system, please call Liquasil on 0121 709 5352.

CAUTION: Not all BBA Certifications are the same.

Check BBA Certificates carefully to make sure they are suitable for the substrate you’re planning to use or specify it for.

Liquasil Ultra is certified for: delamination strength from concrete, primed concrete, primed steel, bitumen roofing membrane, primed wood, liquid-applied acrylic roof waterproofing, primed GRP and primed aluminium paint.

Many others are only approved for concrete.