Rooflight coating, GlazeProtect from Liquasil Ltd

Rooflight Coating by Liquasil

Yes, we have a rooflight coating, but remember, it’s often best to replace degraded roof lights.

That’s because degraded rooflights can leak from stress craks around fixings, or because of poor seals. A coating doesn’t fix these defects.

This is Glazeprotect Clear, our single component coating for those clients looking for a cost-effective product that can be used on GRP or even glass rooflights.


Rooflight Coating

GlazeProtect Clearcoat is an easy to use clear coating for use on GRP rooflights. Use straight from thin and apply to previously cleaned surfaces by brush or roller.

Glazeprotect Clearcoat is ideal for use when coating metal roofs or asbestos roofs. This allows all of the roof surface to be treated in a single project, adding considerable life to moderately degraded rooflights.

GlazeProtect Clearcoat can also be used as a stand-alone GRP rooflight refurbishment coating.

Not all GRP rooflights can be coated.

If the original gel coat has degraded to the point where the glass fibres are clearly visible and heavily soiled, or are cracked or holed, we strongly recommend replacement rather than coating.

Also, extreme care should be taken when cleaning GRP rooflights, because whilst many contractors will jet-wash then, the pressure of the water can easily cause further damage.

Consequently, we recommend that the following cleaning process is followed:


      • Apply Liquasil fungicidal wash to entire surface and allow to remain on the rooflight for 24 hours.
      • Thoroughly wash the rooflight using a car-cleaning or similar type brush and clean water.
      • Allow surface to dry thoroughly.
      • Apply 2 coats of Glazeprotect Clearcoat, ensuring the surface is dry between coats.

GlazeProtect Clearcoat is designed to be used as a refurbishment coating on GRP rooflights.

Rooflight coatings are also available from other manufacturers, but only Liquasil recommends replacement over coating.

If you do require a rooflight coating, then Glazeprotect Clearcoat is cheaper and easier to apply than most.

Please note that despite what others might claim, if a rooflight is cracked or holed, it should be replaced, because a coating is only as good as the surface it is being applied to.

For further guidance, call us on 0121 709 5352.

We’ll happily look at your photographs and provide an indication as to whether your rooflights should or shouldn’t be coated.

Optional Components For Your Rooflight Coating

The Glazeprotect Clearcoat rooflight coating system has optional components to make sure your project is successful.

Any coating is only as good as the preparation and installation, so we’ve made it easy to get things right first time.

If you need help in deciding which components you might need, just call us and we’ll talk you through it.

Anti-Fungicidal Wash

For use where green algae or moss is present. Kills the spores to prevent regrowth and coating breakthrough.

Detergent Wash

Sometimes jet washing isn’t enough and our detergent wash will make sure that all surface contamination is removed, resulting in better coating adhesion.

Pack size is 5 litres and the rooflight coating is clear.

We guarantee Glazeprotect for 10 years when installed as part of a roof refurbishment project and installed by a Liquasil Approved Installer.

GlazeProtect has been designed to provide a budget-friendly solution for those clients looking to coat aged GRP or glass rooflights.

We’ll be adding project galleries for GlazeProtect Clearcoat soon, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in specifying or purchasing this product, please call 0121 709 5352.