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Asbestoseal Asbestos Roof Coating (BBA Approved)

The only BBA approved asbestos roof coating system on the market is Asbestoseal, a cost-effective, independently tested system designed specifically for asbestos roof and cladding refurbishment.

Asbestoseal is available exclusively through the Liquasil Approved Installer Network and comes with a full latent defects, insurance guarantee as standard on all installations of 100 sq metres or larger – the first of its kind issued through a UK roof coatings manufacturer.

Asbestos Cement Roof Background

The first patent for asbestos cement was filed in Austria by Ludwig Hatschek from Austria who, following 7 years of trials, succeeded in combining asbestos fibres with cement.

The resultant sheets were inexpensive and highly resistant to heat, cold, moisture and fire.

The flexibility and strength combined with low weight, enabled profiled sheets to be made economically and consequently, the durability and rapid installation times of the material led to its widespread use.

Modern Fibre Cement Roofs

The fibre cement alternative sheets that are available today contain no asbestos and instead contain synthetic fibres called Dolanit and Kuralon.

These modern fibres are 1300 times thicker than asbestos fibres and cannot be inhaled, so are safer to human health.

That said, fibre cement roof sheets are still classed as fragile and consequently should not be trafficked without a robust health and safety regime in place.

Why Use An Asbestos Roof Coating?

The life expectancy of an asbestos or fibre cement roof is 25 to 40 years (according to RICS) and many are now at, or near the end of their economic life, suffering from a range of issues.

For an Asbestos roof coating to be successful, it must tackle all of the problems that are generally associated with this type of roof.

The Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating is a system comprising three main components to achieve this;

Corrosion Primer that is applied to all metal fixings such as hook bolts. This prevents rust breaking through the coating (which is a very common problem with other coatings);

Non-Sag Sealer, a specially formulated silicone that is brush applied to all primed fixings to re-seal failed rubber seals and also used for instantly sealing small holes and cracks in roof sheets;

Asbestoseal, the coating that is applied to the entire roof to form a complete membrane that will protect the asbestos cement roof sheets from further deterioration.

The Asbestoseal system was designed by our own building surveyors to provide a very long-lasting solution to problematic roofs. It can also be applied to asbestos cement cladding.

The Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating is available only for use on commercial and industrial premises. We do not supply it via merchants or to anybody that has not been through our Approved Installer training.

There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, Asbestoseal is a BBA Approved product, which means that it has undergone extensive, independent fitness for for purpose testing and is currently the only asbestos roof coating to have done so.

Secondly, it is also the only asbestos roof coating that is covered with a full latent defects insurance guarantee, which means that our products, completed installations and our manufacturing processes have been independently audited to perform exactly as expected when installed by a Liquasil Approved Installer.

Each of our installers has been independently approved to offer the unique Liquasil guarantee.

Asbestos roof coating projects are complicated by rigorous health and safety considerations and should only ever be carried out by competent roofing contractors.

Asbestos roofs by their nature are very fragile, so the greatest risk actually arises from the potential of falls from height, rather than asbestos contamination.

More importantly, if you are considering an asbestos roof coating project, it is vitally important that the person managing the project is also competent, since there are health and safety obligations that must be met throughout the project.

If you are in any doubt about this, we can optionally offer a dedicated project management service through our own Chartered Building Surveying Practice, or we can refer you to any number of qualified practices that have undertaken our extensive CPD training programme.

Under no circumstances should a non-qualified person manage an asbestos roof coating or replacement project. Always seek professional assistance.

Asbestos cement products were banned from use in the UK in 1999, but many older roofs remain in place today and are at, or have already exceeded their predicted life span. Consequently, many building owners are now experiencing difficulties with their asbestos cement roofs.

Should You Replace An Asbestos Roof?

The problems experienced with asbestos cement roofs are usually quite common and it’s not always necessary to replace the roof, though in most cases, this is what will be recommended by surveyors, since it gets rid of the asbestos and of course, new roofs add value and look good.

However, older commercial premises with this type of roof are often those with lower rent yields, so the cost of a new roof might prove difficult to justify on economical terms.

Because asbestos cement is banned from use, old asbestos roof and cladding sheets cannot be legally sold or taken off one roof to be installed on another building. Therefore, new roofs will usually be metal profile composite sheets comprising a layer of insulation material sandwiched between two metal sheets. This makes them very expensive, plus there’s the cost of removal and disposal to consider!

As you can imagine, not everybody can justify the cost of a new roof and consequently, a purpose made and tested asbestos roof coating might be the most economical and long term option for a building.


We provide Accredited CPD training on asbestos roofing issues to building surveying practices nationwide. In 2017, we trained more than 300 building surveyors and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.

In addition, our own building surveyors are happy to meet other surveyors on site for larger installations to assist with inspections, identify potential issues and assist with the specification of the Asbestoseal system if necessary.

We can also assist you from photographs from your surveys or even in real-time using Facetime.

Please call 0121 709 5352 for further details. Liquasil is operated by building surveyors, so we fully understand your requirements and will do all we can to ensure a successful project is delivered for your client.

Remember, our unique Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee also covers YOU for professional design, another unique feature of what we believe to be the best roof coatings guarantee on the market.

BBA Certificate Number 15/5266