The Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee is available on most projects installed by our Approved installers.

It’s different to what you have come to expect from coating manufacturers.

We’ve highlighted below the various types of warranty that are generally available for roof coatings supplied to the UK market and compared it to our unique single point, materials and workmanship warranty.

We know there’s plenty of choice for coatings specifiers so we have addressed all of the concerns to provide the best warranty on the market.

Our guarantee covers the entire installation, so in the event of a claim at any stage during the policy term, everything is covered, materials, access, labour and even professional project management fees!

What’s more, the unique Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee is index linked, so the level of cover provided actually increases each year, meaning you’ll never be caught out by inflation.

This is just one example that is helping to set Liquasil apart from all of the competition.

No other roof coating manufacturer offers this level of protection for its customers as standard.