Product Details:

Seamless Liquid Gutter Liner

The Liquasil liquid gutter liner system forms a complete seamless and highly flexible lining that will eliminate leaks.

The key thing to remember about the Liquasil liquid gutter lining system, is that it’s the only one available with a full Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee from an A-Rated, Lloyds of London insurer.

This is important, because our systems have all been independently assessed by the insurer’s own auditors. 

We call our gutter liner system “Gutterseal” – a generic name to encompass the entire system, though it is made up of a small number of component parts.

Commercial and industrial property gutter systems often cause difficulties as they age and each type has their own specific issues.

Common to all however, is leakage at the joints and for this reason, we have included our Non-Sag Sealer within the Gutterseal system to eliminate joint leaks at their source, without the need to remove any fixings or replace rotted seals.

The best-practice process for installing the Liquasil liquid gutter liner is:

  • Clean the gutter of all debris and soil
  • Scrape/brush away all loose and flaking materials
  • If the gutter contains standing water, brush this away and towel the surface
  • Apply Liquasil SWT corrosion primer to all areas affected by rust (not affected by surface moisture)
  • When primer is cured and surfaces are bone dry, apply Liquasil Non-Sag Sealer to all joints (also fills small holes and cracks)
  • Apply one coat of Liquasil One liquid gutter liner to entire length of gutter

Once installed, the gutter will no longer leak and because the liner is bonded directly to the substrate, it will not lift, crease, crack, peel or otherwise deteriorate and rust will be a thing of the past!

As with all gutter systems, regular cleaning of the gutters will ensure that they remain free-flowing at all times. As long as dirt and debris is not allowed to accumulate within the newly lined gutter, nothing will grow on the surface.

The Liquasil gutter liner system is ideal for use in places where physical liners simply cannot go, so is ideal for restricted access gutters and those containing bends and corners.

Suitable substrates for the Liquasil liquid gutter liner include all metals (including oxidised lead and aluminium), asbestos cement and concrete.

Please note that certain plastic based substrates may require the use an additional adherence promoter.

* The Liquasil liquid gutter lining system, when installed by one of our approved installer, comes with our Latent Defects Insurance Warranty as standard on all installations of more than 40 sq metres in size.

Recommendations For A Successful Liquid Gutter liner Installation

For a successful application, we recommend that all gutters are first cleaned thoroughly.

If old bitumen, roofing tapes or other patch repairs are present, these should be removed as far as reasonably practicable.

The reason for this is that old repairs will often be hiding other problems and are a source of trapped water, which will adversely affect the initial adhesion of the Liquasil silicone polymer system.

Small holes or cracks will easily be sealed with our Non-Sag Sealer, but if large holes are present, or, in the case of concrete or asbestos cement gutters, there is de-lamination or shaling of the surface, we recommend that a polyester fleece be applied over the affected area.